Houston Weekend – Day 2

The next morning we checked out of our hotel and went to “The Breakfast Klub” for chicken and waffles.

Then over to the Houston Zoo. First stop, Meerkats!

Then we went to the Elephant exhibit.


Baby Elephant nursing!!

Baby Elephant PLAYING!

The baby was 2 months old and 2 days, and named Duncan.

Here’s Mark refusing to pose for me.

Playing with a display about Texas:

Brushing a goat in the petting zoo:

Leaving the zoo we found a train for Mark to ride! It did a circuit around Hermann Park in Houston, right next to the zoo. I think Mark had fun on the train, he was really quiet and just held on to the railing the whole time, but when it was time to get off he did not want to leave!

That night’s game started at 6:10, and we got there at 4:30 to try to get an autograph, but weren’t able to get one. The most exciting part of the game was when I was trying to get a photo of Kyle and Mark, and suddenly Kyle shot his hand up in the air…

It was just a squishy ball from the cheerleaders, but it was perfect for Mark – and Kyle didn’t hurt his back trying to catch it, so win-win!

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Houston Weekend – Day 1

This weekend we went down to Houston to see the Angels play at the Houston Astros, and also visited the Houston Zoo (mostly for me, Mark had fun too.)

I think Mark’s favorite thing was the train at Minute Maid Park (The Astro’s stadium). At the beginning of each game, it drives along the roof there, and it also lights up and moves if the Astros score a home run (which never happened while we were there!) Mark loved the train though, and every time we would do drawings on his Magna Doodle he would ask for a train with a car with oranges!

Minute Maid Park Minute Maid Park Minute Maid Park

Here’s the view from our seats on Friday’s game:

Mark entertained himself during the game mostly by playing his Thomas & Friends games on the iPad, here he is doing a puzzle:

And playing with Daddy’s baseball glove:

The Angels won, 11-1, and we got to see a great game. Mike Trout hit a home run that hit the wall of the stadium just 2 sections away from us.

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Frontiers of Flight Museum

This weekend we got to visit the Frontiers of Flight Museum where Mark got to see all sorts of airplanes and helicopters.

None of the inside pictures turned out because they had huge windows everywhere so every single photo was backlight by a window and is just black with a window, so here’s the photos I got outside. Inside Mark mostly ran around pointing at all the airplanes suspended from the ceiling saying “Airplane! Airplane! Airplane in the sky!”. I showed him the hot air balloons and blimps, and the space ships too, and he knew what all of them were. The helicopters were definitely his favorites.

I got Mark to pose in front of this plane for a minute:

He ran back over to me and wanted to take a picture of the plane himself. This is what we got:

The helicopters were Mark’s favorite:

Mark and Kyle went up inside this airplane:

Mark liked looking at the photos of the planes almost as much as the actual planes. I think he was a little overwhelmed.

Touching a plane:

Mark was allowed to pick out a toy from the store, and he chose this Fire Helicopter:

Mark had a fantastic time, on Monday going to school he did not want to give up his helicopter, and I had to convince him to leave it at home and just tell his friends about his fun weekend. I asked him “What did you get to do this weekend?” and he yelled “I SEE AIRPLANES AND HELICOPTER!!!”. Then of course as soon as he got home, it was “Hi Mommy! HELICOPTER?!?” and we had to track it down out of my car.

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Random Videos

Mark likes his dinner:

Ashes, Ashes, Ashes, Ashes…

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Random Photos

Don’t have a lot of time to write a post, but here’s some photos from the past few months. (Videos coming soon in another post)

21 Weeks:


Some of our eggs:

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Merry Christmas (Part 2: Christmas Day)

Mark woke up and was very excited to see the presents on Christmas Morning!

He really liked his new playdoh set from his Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Tim:



He also had fun with his new Stuffie toy, a stuffed animal with lots of hiding spots for other toys.

And of course he got lots of new Thomas Trackmaster train track to play with, and a bunch of other great toys from the rest of the family that I apparently didn’t get any photos of yet.

Our favorite part of the day was opening presents over Skype with our families and showing them the new T-shirt that Santa brought for Mark

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Merry Christmas (Part 1: Christmas Eve)

Okay, so it might be a month overdue, but here’s some pictures of Mark celebrating Christmas this year :)

Every year we buy a few ornaments from Hallmark, and this year Mark picked out a Lionel train one.


And Mark brought home some ornaments he made at school. We think these are an angel and a wreath :)

Mark really enjoyed the tree at night.


We decorated the outside of the house a little bit too.

Kyle and Mark made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve














Mark’s favorite part of the cookies obviously was sneaking over and grabbing more to eat :)



After Mark went to bed, we put all the presents under the tree. Sadie decided to protect them for a while.



Look for Part 2 coming soon to see Mark’s reaction to the presents :)

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